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Consorzio Tutela Vini d'Abruzzo


The Terroir

Over the last decades, Abruzzo viticulture has taken great strides in terms of qualitative growth. This is thanks to the constant and pervasive work conducted by a new generation of producers, focused on the enhancement of the territory of its most important indigenous grape varieties.

The Abruzzo territory has a natural predisposition for winegrowing, located between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso d’Italia and Majella massifs where three National Parks and more than ten national and regional reserves unfold.

The climate is mild in the area on the Adriatic-facing side of the Apennines and more continental in the inland basins. Overall, therefore, the advantages of good rainfall and high levels of sunlight combine with a generally mild climate. The imposing Gran Sasso and Majella massifs, located a short distance from the sea (30-40 minutes by car), generate sharp temperature changes between day and night. Add to this the good ventilation it ensures an ideal microclimate for the vines to grow and produce extraordinarily high-quality grapes.

Consorzio Tutela Vini d'Abruzzo

The voluntary Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo is a nonprofit-making association set up for the professional categories (viticulturists, winemakers and authorised bottlers) concerned with protected designations. With the Decree of the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies (MiPAF), the statute of the “Consorzio Tutela Vini d’ Abruzzo” was approved, with the task of carrying out the functions of protecting, promoting and taking general care of the interests associated with the designations it protects.

The Consortium’s supervisory work is implemented: a) at a technical level to ensure that producers’ operational requirements comply with the provisions of production regulations; b) at an administrative level to ensure that the designation is protected against plagiarism, unfair competition, misconduct and other illegal practices.